Morning Pages


Morning pages are a new thing for me. Recently I decided that writing down all the junk in my head first thing in the morning is a good service to the world. Best to put it on paper and then get on with living.  I look forward to what comes out of my pen. Never knowing what it will be before I start, coffee at my side.  Sometimes it is an opportunity to jot down ideas that came to me late the day before. Mostly it’s just me weeding the overgrown garden so some seedlings can come through.

Beach bunny


I often think about warm sandy beaches in the midst of our long and grey winter but I have yet to relax on a beach this summer. I’ve had ample opportunities but chose instead to walk searching for special stones or capture on my phone the endless sky.  The summer’s not over yet so there’s still time. The beach awaits.



It’s already August 13th and I have yet to have a proper picnic. Growing up it was something we did a lot. My aunt had a no leftovers rule. She would stop the car at the side of the road and pass out what was left rather than bring it home. She knew that it tastes different at home; the sad lettuce a reminder of just how fleeting our summer season is.



Running is a treat. I’ve discovered this later in life. Putting one foot in front of the other, sweating, clearing the mind. It was a revelation when I first began. I’ve struggled this year to get back into a rhythm, fighting internal resistance. What’s the root of this?
I don’t know but this dog came up as I was drawing. Running, smiling and having fun. I guess I just needed a reminder.

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