Month: August 2017


cat, dog, illustration, Uncategorized August 31, 2017


When I was at the beach I was amazed at the high number of paddlers with a dog on board.  Many dogs of all sizes, some with life jackets and some without. Many looked to be having  fun and several were clearly sad, scared and stressed.  There was not a single cat; cats get to take a pass on their owners enthusiasms. Non-compliant every time.

Dancing by myself

dog, illustration, Uncategorized August 24, 2017


I’ve been busy working on a project. It’s been getting most of my attention. Happily I had one of those small breakthroughs that come unexpectedly.  A few weeks into a project I’ll take my victories where I can. Feeling accomplished I celebrated by dancing in my kitchen. Accompanied only by the worried looks of the dog. Mid hustle the door bell rang. In the months I’ve lived here the door bell has never rung.  I looked out the window to see who was at the door. Was it my self-consciousness made manifest? Nope just a lost soul, much like me, looking to find her way in the world.

Cat transit

cat, illustration, Uncategorized August 23, 2017


Wouldn’t it be great if cats ruled the subways and buses. Then no one would have the expectation that seats are to be shared equally with care and consideration afforded to all commuters. Cats would just spread out finding the most comfortable way to their destinations, completely oblivious to those around them. Not unlike the average day on not so rapid transit.