The deep end

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When I was a kid nothing was more fun than a diving board. Jumping into a pool or a lake, hitting the cold water, trying out fun moves. Maybe hitting the bottom maybe not. I would jump in and then get back out, trying over and over the brief flight and then the crash, making a big splash or not.
At midlife I look back at this joy with a smile and wonder when it will be my time to jump back into the deep end again.

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  1. writingbolt says on August 8, 2017

    I was never a diver and struggled to swim. I managed to “dead man float” and hold my breath underwater for some time. I liked going out into the surf and dipping low to fish shells out of the sand. But, I’d float away with the tide like driftwood.

    • hazelblithesome says on August 9, 2017

      Floating is lovely, and holding your breath underwater to see how far you could go. That was a skill. My swimming was mostly in lakes with rafts and docks to jump from and to. I remember a trip to the coast and the surf that tossed me and spit me out. Both scary and so so fun.

      • writingbolt says on August 9, 2017

        I think the holding breath bit came with an accident I had at a young age when I fell in a family pool and didn’t realize what had happen until someone fished me out. One minute, I was exiting a raft, the next, I was sitting under 8 ft. of water. The other major water experience I remember was wearing a life jacket and being carried out to sea by the tide. I pleaded with neighbors to bring me back to land, but no one seemed to hear me. So, I just kept kicking til my feet could reach the bottom; and I fought my way back on foot. Neither fun experiences.

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