I’m starting the #100dayproject on instagram with the image of my dog Smitten. She passed away on Good Friday.

I love drawing and I love dogs even more. This project is a celebration of all the fun I had with Smitten at my side. From her I learned that paying attention is a kindness, doing the thing you love with your whole heart is why we are here and that there is beauty everywhere -just look. She also showed me that there is no heartbreak a walk in nature won’t heal.

I will post a drawing of a different dog for the next 99 days. To do this I will draw dogs I meet on my travels or draw from my imagination. I’ll also gladly draw your dog. Please send a photo and a few words about the gifts your canine friend has brought to your life. I so look forward to drawing your darling dog.




2 thoughts on “1/100

  1. So sorry to hear about your dog, Hazel – She sounds like she was the epitome of canine companionship.

    I love the sound of your #100dayproject. I’d love to send you a snap of my puppy, Jaffa. Let me know how can I go about doing that for you.

    All the best with the next 100 days, and again, sorry about Smitten.



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