The other dog in my life – just crossed the rainbow bridge on Friday.

Her name was Coraline (Cora), and she belonged to my best friend

Keith. She was dumped at a breeder (though not her breeder) after her

previous owner discovered she was at risk of hip dysplasia and

couldn’t be a show dog. She was 6 months old. She remained kenneled

until she was 15 months, and Keiths mom came across her, when

searching for his favorite breed, a Bernese Mountain Dog. Keith

adopted her in 2014, and she remained at his side until she took her

last breath, on Friday April 13, just 2 weeks shy of her 5th birthday.

During her years with Keith, she provided endless laughter and love.

Cora spent so much of her young life in a cage that she didn’t know

how to receive affection and love from humans or other animals. Keith

showed her so much love and care in their time together, and she even

gained two canine siblings! She loved to watch as he gardened (and

step on his plants), loved going for walks, and really loved food –

ANY food. Cora was the most gentle dog I’ve ever met, and I hope she’s

stuffing her face in steak and Bananas, while simultaneously

frolicking on a clean, white bed sheets, above us.




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