I had lost my American bull dog boxer mix to cancer and my older dog Dakota was very lonely and depressed to the point where she wouldn’t get off the couch or go outside without her sibling Chester. Both dogs we rescued. So my bestie tagged me in photos from the humane society who

Posted pups coming to Toronto’s up from North Carolina. The story of them being rescued and brought up to Toronto from a high kill shelter broke my heart and I knew I needed to adopt my little finn to fill my void from the loss of our Chester who will forever be missed and loved. Finn came to us a complicated rescue with horrible separation anxiety who would Houdini outta crates, chew through walls open doors and windows , chew couches. Most people wouldn’t put up with this but we were determined to help this pound dog stay in a loving home. He is such a cute cuddle muffin with the best bum in town so happy my bestie tagged me on his picture and adopted this little muffin!




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