this is my little dog Scooter. He passed away suddenly & without warning on May 6th …. He was 11yrs old > I adopted him and his mother from jack russell rescue when he was just a baby. And no matter the dogs that came after him, Scooter was always “mamma’s baby”. He’d come up on my lap and I’d say to him, “you’re still the baby”, and he would wag his tail a million miles an hour and roll on my lap and cuddle into me, all the while making his “love growls and groans” 🙂 He was an amazing obedience dog & helped me teach others by being the demo dog in our classes. He loved the attention & he was amazing with other dogs > he had the best dog to dog body language I’ve ever witnessed ….. and I can take no credit for it …. it’s just who he was. He helped so many other dogs learn to trust. He was a very special little guy & he has left a large void here in our home. We’re still in shock He was running around fine in the afternoon. And that night I found him dead in his bed.




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