Jackson is a rescue who’s about 10 months old and has travelled a long way from Tennesse through Just Paws Animal Rescue to find his furever home – with me! 😀

We have been together just over 6 weeks and already I could not imagine my life without him! I finally get it. After a lifetime of loving dogs from the sidelines, I now know what it’s like to love one of my own…and this is only the beginning of my love Nas affair with Jackson.

He is the most loving, happy and good natured dog I’d say I’ve ever met. People young and old are drawn to him and he charms them all! I feel he would be an ideal therapy dog and have started the necessary training to get there.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us but one thing’s for certain which is that we’re going to do great things together! I can’t wait for a lifetime of fun and meaning with this sweet, short-legged charmer. 💘😀




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