“Every great work makes the human face more admirable and richer, and that is the secret” Albert Camus

Portraits are my passion.

I love drawing people, writing about happiness and awe and combining the two. Posting my portraits to Instagram is my mostly daily practice. 

My dream is for my portraits to come alive on the pages of financial papers, magazines, annual reports and for them to pack the visual punch to drive the text home. I make my pictures to shake up the walls of boardrooms and galleries. My murals at your HQ will turn corporate art into portrait art and show how people really are at the heart of your organization.

HAZEL BLITHESOME is an anagram of my name; ELIZABETH HOLMES.

I’m a Toronto based artist available for illustration and portrait commissions. My portraits will help you make a spectacle at your event, launch or company meeting.

So very glad you dropped by to see my work. Please get in touch.



My portraits are showing until March 2019 at 965 Bloor St West at DISGRACELAND in Toronto. Drop by eat some vegan corn dogs and take a look at my work.